Melissa Matters

First Impressions

The tour for Melissa Matters opens with a picture of her ass and pussy. She´s on her stomach and she has reached behind to open her ass cheeks so you can see the asshole. You have to love a girl like that, right? I also like a hot young blonde with a perky body and that´s what she brings. In some of the preview pictures you can see her eating pussy and that´s always a good sign. She is freely showing us her box and breasts and I love the promises of interaction with her through journals, chat and webcam shows.

Hot Promises

Melissa makes sure you know that when you join you´ll be able to interact with her in a variety of ways. She says there´s a chat box that´s always running so you can ask her a question whenever you want. She promises you webcam shows where she gets live and gets horny. She offers you high resolution movies and hot picture galleries. She also promises tons of pussy and tit action and then there are the lesbian scenes where she munches box and presumably gets munched. It looks like I´m going to have fun in there.


It´s disappointing to log in and realize that Melissa Matters hasn´t been updated in more than a year. That means any chances of interaction are right out the window so one of the big promises she made counts for nothing. You can still read the journals and check out the archived webcam shows though so this young blonde with the tight body will let you get to know her even though she´s not here anymore to get together with your for mutual pleasure sessions over webcam.

The journal is a series of short entries where she mostly details what´s going on in her life at the moment. They´re written in a stream of consciousness kind of way and while they don´t provide a ton of personal detail they´re still interesting. She puts some candid pictures in there too and those are fun. There´s one of her in a tight green dress that´s still a favorite of mine and will be with me for a while.

She produced 51 picture galleries and they´re all listed on the same page with a thumbnailed preview, a description and the number of images detailed. You can download the zip file from that main page too. The images display at 1400px and in general the photography is good. Lighting is always strong, the pictures are clear and you´re not going to run into any ugly shadow problems.

Melissa treats us to a nice variety of outfits in her picture galleries. Bikinis show up a lot. The shoot location is generally at a house and there´s a pool so of course she´s going to throw on the bikini and get out in the sun. I like to see her body wet after a dip in the pool or because of her tanning oil. Lingerie is common as well. She has a great body with perky young breasts and a tight ass so you can understand why she would want to dress it up in something sexy. I´m fond of her in anything lacy and arousing and that seems to be the only kind of stuff she wants to put on.

She has a hot schoolgirl outfit that she puts on for a few sets. In one gallery she wears an amazing black fishnet body stocking that makes her body look totally fuckable. In several she dresses like a cute young chick, which is precisely what she is. The point is that you´re going to see lots of variety. She can be the cutie in the t-shirt and she can be the seductive chick in the lingerie set too.

Across the board the content is generally pretty naughty. She will show us her shaved pussy and her perky breasts in almost every set. While she gets naked in all her picture sets she generally does not masturbate. She saves that for the videos and that´s why you want to download all 36 of them when you join. It´s an entirely different experience and she´s smart for doing the dildo and fingering play in the movies. It´s unfortunate that the video downloads are so slow. I was stuck at 200kbps or less and I´m capable of ten times that speed.

The video previews are weak since you only get one picture and a short description. It´s usually enough to inform you as to what´s going on but more is always better. The videos play at 720x480 and 2000kbps and they look good. They´re essentially DVD quality.

I like the movies even better than the picture galleries because it´s so much fun to see Melissa in motion. Obviously the masturbation is awesome. When she takes out a dildo and plays with her pussy until she cums it´s incredibly arousing. I also love that her personality comes through so strongly in the vids. She´s a fun-loving girl and you can tell. In one movie she´s having a wiener eating contest with another chick. They both have their hands tied behind their backs and they have to scarf wieners off a plate. Only a fun chick would be willing to do that. You also need to check out the video where she fists herself. That is just fucking awesome.

She might not be around anymore but Melissa Matters left us with 47 webcam shows for download. You can see her fisting in those too! The cam shows are generally 45-60 minutes long and they can be downloaded in WMV. They´re low resolution but that´s how webcam shows usually work so that´s to be expected. It can be boring when you can´t see what she´s typing but just skip past that stuff and check her out dancing, taking a bath, rubbing paint on her tits, fisting her pussy, fingering, using dildos and so much more. Suffice it to say she´s quite the entertainer in her cam videos. The only other section of the site is the extras page and that features guest picture galleries, wallpapers and candid content from Melissa.

Members also get access to The Wet Peach, a solo girl site featuring a whole mess of hot models. You get all the different girls and the site is still updating so there´s new content coming along all the time. Most of the models are hot and they do things like strip and masturbate to entertain.

Croco’s Opinion

Melissa Matters is no longer updated but she left you with 51 picture galleries, 36 videos and 47 webcam shows for download. All of that content is high quality and the biggest drawback is how slow the download speeds. Melissa poses in a variety of sexy outfits including hot lingerie, bikinis and sexy dresses. She can also just be a cute young chick in her t-shirt and denim shorts. She strips and masturbates constantly, using fingers and more to pleasure her. She will even fist herself on occasion. That´s when you know how dirty a girl she can be. With the bonus site the price is well worth it and you might stick around a few more months to see that extra content.


A couple of screenshots for each video would have been nice. Otherwise it´s easy to use the site.

Pricing Policy

It´s $29.95 for the first month and $24.99 for each month thereafter.

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